Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sydney Tea Party

One of my all-time favourite bands, The Tea Party, are no longer in existence, but their former lead singer, Jeff Martin, is touring Australia at the moment.
He's set to play here in Sydney next week, but unfortunately I am out-of-town, back in Perth for one of my best mates bucks party and wedding. Should be a laugh catching up with all of my mates again. We all get older on the outside, but stay the same age inside - so a weekend in Yallingup, should churn out a few classic stories.

The link with The Tea Party and in particular Jeff Martin, ties in well. Martin, a Canadian, married an Australian girl and now lives (unless things have changed in 8 years - which they most probably have) down south in the Margaret River/Yallingup area.

So, when he visits my adopted home town of Sydney, I'll be lying on the beach somewhere near his home town in W.A.

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