Friday, January 11, 2008

Into the Wild

How can one film make such a difference to my year?

The Pearl Jam boards had been raving about it for weeks. Margaret from "The Movie Show" gave it 5 stars and shed a tear when reviewing it on air. Eddie Vedder composed the soundtrack for god's sake. You could say that my expectations were a little high heading into the theatre.

Not since I walked in Grand Cinema Warwick to watch Almost Famous on the day of release 8 years ago had I been so eager to watch a film, and not since Almost Famous have I walked out so moved. I remember calling up my friends and saying " we're going out" the minute I walked out of the theatre - Kate Hudson had blown me away - and all I wanted was to meet my 'Penny Lane' that night.

Numerous trips to New York followed. I walked past the pond in Central Park where 'Lady' opened up for the first time, I drove down Route 66 looking for the Continental Hyatt House, but all to no avail.

But back to "Into the Wild".

Having lived the past 5 years of my life away from home (Australia), setting up shop in London, it is fair to say I have a penchant to travel. Ever since I was 5 years old I wanted to get on a plane and see the world. Well, when I turned 23 I packed up and left.

Into the Wild resonates with me. It is the sort of movie I will watch over and over again - and never get bored. For me Eddie Vedder provides a hauntingly deep accompaniment to the film. Most Pearl Jam fans agree, his songwriting hit a new chord in this film - drawing on the depth and character of Pearl Jam's last album (Self Titled) and creating a sound that just fitted with the movie.

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